September Fleur

Let me share a little about me


Hello, lovely souls! I’m Aswani, the artist and dreamer weaving the tapestry of September Fleur.
Welcome to my world of handmade books and artisanal treasures, where every creation is a labor of love.

The Artistic Journey

My journey into the world of art has been a remarkable odyssey, shaped by a profound love for painting and a deep curiosity about the stories behind every brushstroke on a canvas. Art, to me, is more than just colors on paper; it’s a manifestation of emotions, a journey through time and space, and a powerful tool for expression.

While my academic background led me to the realm of Electronic Engineering, my heart always beat in tune with the world of art. I embarked on a career path as a product analyst. Little did I know that this journey would lead to the birth of September Fleur.

The Turning Point

The year 2019 marked a pivotal turning point in my life. It was the year when I delved deep into art, experimenting with different mediums and styles. I began with humble pencil drawings and eventually found my soulmate in watercolors. The intricate dance of watercolors on paper, the interplay of hues and shades, became my muse.

Insta Boom

In 2019, I took the plunge into the world of social media, sharing my artwork on Instagram and creating tutorial videos for my YouTube channel. This digital presence opened doors to incredible opportunities and allowed me to connect with art lovers and fellow creators from around the globe. I discovered that my heart finds the most joy in crafting landscapes, although I’m always eager to explore new ideas and subjects.

The Passion Lives On

There is no greater passion for me than painting. The canvas is my playground, and I relish every moment spent bringing my visions to life. I can paint all day, and I leave no stone unturned to nurture and develop my art career.

At September Fleur, my aim is to share this love for art with you, offering meticulously crafted handmade books that become a canvas for your own creativity. Each book is a piece of my heart, a blend of craftsmanship and artistic spirit, waiting for you to fill its pages with your dreams and expressions.

Beyond the enchanting world of crafting, you’ll find me joyfully running after my little one, tenderly caring for my thriving plant companions, and losing myself in the magical realm of creation.

Whether it’s the dance of paintbrushes on canvas or the gentle whispers shared with my beloved plants, each moment weaves its way into the heart of September Fleur. It’s a space where creativity meets the rhythm of daily life.

Join me on this whimsical journey where art, stories, and the pure delight of being a plant parent and chasing after my little explorer come together. Let’s celebrate the beauty of handmade wonders and the extraordinary magic found in life’s everyday moments.

Sending you smiles and creativity,

Aswani πŸŒΏπŸŽ¨πŸ‘ΆπŸŒΈ